5 Reasons Why North Carolinians Are Buying Propane Tankless Water Heaters

Posted: March 28, 2017

Hot water shower

Did you know that more people in North Carolina are buying propane tankless water heaters than ever before? It’s true! The Tar Heel State now ranks one of the leaders in tankless water heater installations. That means a lot more people are enjoying long hot showers than in the past.

There are 5 great reasons for this heightened interest. Propane tankless water heaters are:

  1. Efficient: they heat only the water you need, faster and for less money
  2. Economical: they use about 40% less energy to operate than an electric water heater*
  3. Durable: they last about twice as long as tank water heaters
  4. Compact: they mount right on your wall, saving storage space
  5. Clean: they generate 50% fewer emissions than electric water heaters

Read more about tankless water heaters — and to learn how you can qualify for a $150 rebate!

* Source: DOE Average Energy Costs.