With Propane, the More You Use, the Less You Pay

Posted: August 28, 2018

Propane appliances

You may already know that propane can not only heat your home, it can power everything from water heaters, generators and stoves and cooktops to fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor grills, space heaters and more? It’s the most versatile fuel around!

But here’s something you may not know. The more propane you use, the less you will pay for it. Some North Carolinians, depending on how much fuel they use, have saved as much as 30% on their price per gallon after they’ve added more propane appliances in their home.

No other fuel is priced this this way, certainly not natural gas or electricity. So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and install a propane tankless water heater, why not think about going further by adding a furnace, gas pack or a dual fuel heater with propane as one fuel. Your price per gallon will not only go down, you’ll also qualify for rebates.

Please keep all this in mind when thinking about all the ways you can save money by using propane as your primary fuel source.

How many ways are you using propane?

Use propane:

To heat your home: Propane-fired furnaces are much more efficient than electric heat pumps and provide greater comfort.

To heat water: Propane water heaters can save you money on operating costs versus inefficient electric units. They provide much more hot water faster, and come in both storage tank and tankless options.

To dry clothes: propane dryers are almost twice as efficient as electric models.

For cooking: propane cooktops and stoves offer more precise temperature control.

To put a glow in your fireplace: imagine being able to start a fire with the flick of a switch. It’s possible with propane—and a propane fireplace delivers more heat into the room than a wood fireplace.

For emergency power: propane is a popular choice as a fuel for whole-house backup generators. And since your fuel is stored right on your property, you can continue to enjoy all of the comforts of home until your power is restored.

If you want to add more propane appliances, contact your local propane company for expert advice.