Should I Convert My Electric Water Heater To Propane Gas?

electric to propane water heater north carolina

Beyond your furnace heating your home and your air conditioning keeping everyone cool, the most indispensable appliance in your North Carolina home is your water heater. Both electric and propane water heaters are popular in the Tar Heel State.

With everybody staying home more than ever before, it’s only natural for people to ponder such questions as: should I convert my electric water heater to gas? Or conversely, they may wonder how much does it cost to convert an old gas water heater to an electric one? These thoughts always surface when we face the annoying problem of an old water heater not being able to do its job any longer.

If you have an electric water heater, here are four excellent reasons you will benefit greatly by converting to a propane water heater. If you have an old propane water heater, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to a new, more efficient propane unit.

4 Advantages of using propane to heat your water

  1. Propane water heaters provide more value
    When you consider that a propane water heater has a lower cost of maintenance and lasts years longer than its electric counterparts, propane always wins. And if you want an easy way to raise the value of your home, switch to a propane water heater! Tankless models, especially, are highly desirable to home buyers as it will improve your LEED and home energy rating (HERS) scores.
  2. Propane water heaters are more efficient
    A propane water heater delivers hot water on-demand. In fact, it works twice as fast and heats much more evenly and efficiently as your old electric unit so there is no more waiting around for the water to get to the proper temperature.
  3. Propane hot water tanks are the green choice
    Propane is endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an environmentally-friendly fuel. Choosing propane means you will be lowering greenhouse gas emissions and doing your part to save our planet. An electric water heater simply can’t claim that.
  4. Propane delivers on home comfort and convenience
    With a propane water heater, you most likely will never run out of hot water again, and you will enjoy a recovery rate that is easily twice that of an electric unit. You’ll also be able to reclaim all that space your electric hot water heater has been taking up as a propane system has a much smaller footprint.

Propane hot water heaters have more accurate temperature controls and offer many more options in terms of size and where you can put them in your home.

Worried about upfront installation costs? Let’s break down the numbers.

As a general rule, investing in efficiency is the best way to keep your energy costs down. But what about the upfront cost of new propane equipment? Let’s look at the price differences between propane and electric water heaters and how propane’s increased efficiency is worth the upfront costs.

Costs and benefits of installing a standard tank propane water heater

The average cost of a residential 50-gallon standard tank electric water heater is about $500, whereas the same size water heater powered by propane is $700. These numbers can increase if you elect to install a higher-efficiency product.

While the propane water heater is pricier, its energy efficiency means you will see savings quickly. In a 2,400-square-foot home, running an electric tank water heater costs around $645 a year. For a propane water heater, it’s $290. After as little as one year, you will recoup the difference in cost, and within a few years, your energy saving will be greater than the total cost of your new equipment!

Cost considerations for tankless propane water heaters

Tankless propane water heaters are more expensive than standard tank models. You can expect to pay around $1,400 to make the change to a tankless model. But the energy savings of switching to a tankless propane water heater are even better.

propane vs electric water heater

Tankless water heaters reduce standby loss because they aren’t repeatedly reheating a large tank of water that’s not being used. Instead, they use a superhot flame to heat water as needed. This is far more efficient. According to Consumer Reports, a propane tankless system is 22 percent more efficient than a tank alternative. Even better, tankless water heaters last longer — often up to 20 years before needing to be replaced!

Beyond cost considerations, a propane tankless water heater offers a significant boost to your quality of life. It offers practically unlimited hot water on demand. Showering while the dishwasher is running won’t be a problem ever again!

Experience the difference a propane water heater can make!

Considering all of these great reasons to choose a propane water heater, the smart choice should be clear. Whether you choose a tank water heater or a tankless water heater for your North Carolina home, you will find superior value and convenience that offers greater home comfort. You may even qualify for a rebate that can help you save you even more!

Unsure about what kind of propane hot water heater is right for you? Take this interactive quiz to learn more. Then, contact your local North Carolina propane service provider to discover what’s possible and start enjoying the benefits of a propane hot water heater today.