Stay Warm With Propane This Winter

Stay Warm with Propane This Winter

The Farmers’ Almanac, which has been making weather projections since 1818, predicts that the winter of 2020-2021 in North Carolina will be filled with chilly, showery weather.

Meanwhile, the Old Farmer’s Almanac, founded in 1792, has better news. It forecasts a not too wet, not too cold winter in North Carolina.

Whatever prediction turns out to be more accurate, it’s still a safe bet that residents of the Tar Heel State will have to deal with some cold weather over the course of the next five months. During those chilly days and nights, you’ll appreciate the ability of a high-efficiency propane furnace to keep your North Carolina home warm and cozy. But if you rely only on an electric heat pump, however, you may experience some uncomfortable times.

Why most electric heat pumps can’t keep you warm enough:

An electric heat pump works by capturing heat from the outside air and transferring it to your home. But when it’s really cold outside—below freezing—there isn’t enough heat energy for your heat pump to capture in order to keep your home comfortable. Older heat pumps in North Carolina often supply heated air inside at only 95°, which is colder than normal body temperature. That makes it feels like a cold draft—not heat—is coming out of your vents.

To compensate, people may end up using electric space heaters, which can be an expensive way to generate heat. It can also be risky if proper precautions are not followed. People may also rely on backup electric strips, which are inefficient and often emit a burnt odor; this is caused by dust and other residue that has built up around the strips.

Propane furnaces: the better option to stay warm

In contrast, propane furnaces produce much higher indoor air temperatures. Highly efficient propane furnaces produce enough thermal energy to heat your home without the need for any backup system.

Propane gas furnaces are best in their class in terms of efficiency, with ratings from 90 to 98% efficient. Easily installed just about anywhere in the home, a propane furnace can provide space heating for any size floor plan, from small residences to large custom homes. Plus, when properly maintained, propane furnaces can last up to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps.

Propane is made for cold winters! If you’re interested in making your home more comfortable this coming winter, please check out current North Carolina rebates, including a $250 incentive for installing a propane furnace. You may also want to learn more about other heating options–including hybrid heating systems and propane gas packs. Read more.

To learn more about propane gas furnaces and the many other ways you can enjoy propane, please contact your local propane company.

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