The Rush To Convert To Electricity May Cause Shocks

electricity conversion north carolinaMany of those in government—from federal to state to municipal–continue to push for the increased use of electricity in favor of other fuels. While we all must take aggressive steps to combat climate change, putting all of our energy eggs in one fragile electric basket is not the best way to go.

One of the many effects of this electrification plan would include the replacement of propane heating systems with electric heat pumps.

But heat pump conversions are expensive and do not work very efficiently when the weather gets cold. Read more about this. And it goes farther than that. Propane water heaters and propane gas stoves also remain much more efficient and perform better than their electric counterparts.

Electricity is not a clean fuel! Electricity production generates the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. More than 63% of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas.*

Besides the increased impact on the environment, it’s feared that an “electrify everything” policy may increase the average residential household cost and put a severe strain on our aging electric grid.

The Failing Electric Power Grid

The electric infrastructure in this country has failed us time and again, causing massive disruption, frustration, and discomfort. We’ve all followed the tragic, widespread power outage that occurred recently in Texas. And we’ve all experienced a number of uncomfortable power outages in our own area over the years. (A hurricane almost always means someone has lost power somewhere)!

However well-intended the “all electric” movement is, it is relying on breakthroughs that do not yet exist to an electric grid that is already unreliable. Consider what will happen when the electric grid is taxed by huge new demand—caused by conversions of cars, commercial buildings, homes and more.

Kinder To The Environment: Propane Can Do That

Hands down, propane is better for the environment and for your home than electricity. Go here to learn more about propane and the environment. And be sure to check out this website to learn how the propane industry is moving forward on lowering its carbon footprint.

What’s Next

So, until our electricity supply is less environmentally destructive and not prone to numerous blackouts, it is simply not the best choice for heating. That’s especially true when you consider that, right now, millions of Americans rely on propane for warmth, hot water and cooking– even if their electric power goes out.

Read more about all of the benefits of propane and learn more about how propane stacks up against electricity.

* Source: https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/electricity/electricity-in-the-us.php