Propane Appliance Options For Your Home

Many Different Ways You Can Use Propane

propane appliances north carolina Did you know that versatile and highly efficient propane can not only heat your home, it can also power everything from water heaters, generators, and stoves to cooktops, fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor grills, space heaters, and more? 

When you use propane appliances in your North Carolina home, you will see the savings. Because propane is such an efficient fuel, your energy expenses will go down and you’ll be getting even better value and comfort than you get from other heating sources.

Let’s take a closer look at the many propane appliances and other propane-powered equipment you can use to stay more comfortable while making your home more energy-efficient.

Keep Your Home Warm with Propane

North Carolinians love the comfortable, consistent heat that’s delivered by a propane furnace, which produces much higher indoor air temperatures than electric heat pumps. This guarantees that you will stay warm and cozy during chilly winter nights.

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Precise Cooking with Propane

Folks in North Carolina are also discovering the terrific benefits of creating memorable meals with their propane gas stove/cooktop. From more precise cooking control to quicker temperature changes – especially for lowering or shutting off – propane is the way to go. And as a bonus, your propane gas stove will keep on working even if you lose power. If you have a propane generator, you can keep all of your appliances running.

Propane Fireplaces: 5 Benefits

If you have an old wood-burning fireplace, it’s easy to convert to a safe, clean-burning propane gas insert. Here are five reasons to consider doing so.

  1. Propane gas fireplaces are virtually maintenance-free and come in many different styles.
  2. There’s no need for you to ever add another log to the fire or discard ashes afterward.
  3. Propane gas fireplaces are much less of a fire risk than wood.
  4. Propane fireplaces produce a much lighter environmental footprint than traditional wood fireplaces. They produce fewer particulate emissions and less carbon monoxide compared with wood-burning fireplaces.
  5. Propane gas fireplaces provide higher efficiency than other options, producing twice as much heat as wood fireplaces but only costing about a third of the price.

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Use Propane for Clothes Encounters

Whether your laundry pile regularly looks like a mountain or a molehill, it’s easy to find a propane dryer with a capacity that works for you.

Quickly reaching the required temperature to dry clothes evenly, propane dryers generally operate for less than electric dryers. Plus, clothes get subjected to less wear and tear as a result of the moist heat of propane dryers. Your propane dryer’s moisture-sensing controls will automatically shut it off at just the right time.

Propane Keeps the Hot Water Flowing

Propane water heaters offer roughly double the water recovery rate of electric models, yet they typically cost up to 30% less to operate. They take up less space while fueling some of the most efficient water heating technologies currently on the market. Propane water heaters also offer a higher level of accuracy when it comes to temperature adjustment, along with providing more installation choices and size options. Read more about propane water heaters.

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