Winter Safety Tips for Your Home

January 24, 2022
Advice about How to Avoid Running Out of Propane Your North Carolina propane company’s priority is to always keep you safe and comfortable, so here are some tips to help you remain secure as you hunker down in your propane home during the rest of winter. Avoid Run-Outs As a general rule, you should schedule […]

Propane: An Eco-Friendly Alternative Fuel

December 20, 2021
Clean, Affordable Energy for Everyone Did you know that propane gas has a lower carbon content than fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and ethanol? That’s a big part of the reason the U.S. Congress designated propane as a clean-burning alternative fuel in the 1990s. Because propane is created through the processing of natural gas or […]

Why Are Propane Prices Going Up?

November 24, 2021
Your Propane Company Is on Your Side We all know that propane prices have their ups and downs. This is all normal and influenced by many factors, including supply and demand, the weather, geopolitics and Wall Street investors, to name a few. Unfortunately, we’re in a temporary “up” cycle now. What’s Going On With Propane […]

Be Ready with a Propane Whole-House Generator

October 6, 2021
When the Electric Grid Fails, Let Propane Take Over The fragile electric infrastructure in this country has failed us time and again, causing massive disruption, frustration, and discomfort. We’ve all experienced a number of uncomfortable power outages in North Carolina over the years. In preparation, some folks keep gasoline-powered portable generators in their garage for […]

Propane Safety During Hurricane Season

September 17, 2021
How to Keep Your Family Safe While the Tar Heel State was fortunate to avoid the wide-spread flooding and power outages that Hurricane Ida brought to other parts of the Southeast as well as the Northeast, this latest destructive storm serves as a topical time to provide some important information about safety tips for future […]

Using Propane to Heat Your Pool

August 19, 2021
Do you use propane to heat your in-ground or aboveground pool? If not, consider switching to the latest energy-efficient propane pool heater units, which can extend your swimming season and make your pool a pleasure to be in—even on those cooler days. That’s because a propane pool heater can maintain a comfortable water temperature any […]

How To Handle a Fire on Your Propane Grill

July 19, 2021
Cooking, whether it’s inside or outside, always comes with the possibility of accidents and injuries. After all, you’re dealing with high heat and hot flames. With that in mind, we want to share with you some important tips about what to do if you ever have a grease fire or flare-up on your outdoor propane […]

Propane Safety Tips For Your Home

June 16, 2021
Since June is National Propane Safety Month, this a perfect time to review some safety protocols that are sometimes overlooked. For instance, do you know the reasons why you can’t always smell a propane gas leak? In its natural form, propane is odorless, but manufacturers deliberately add a chemical compound to give it a strong […]

Safety Tips For Propane Grilling

May 11, 2021
May is National Barbecue Month—a fun way to encourage us to explore all the wonderful opportunities for some down-home, outdoor cooking. But it’s always a good idea to review some important safety reminders. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you get fired up for the coming season. 5 Grill Safety Reminders Keep […]

How Is Propane Made?

April 5, 2021
Because propane is created through the processing of natural gas and crude oil, it is a fuel that is largely a domestic product. In fact, about 90% of the American propane supply is generated in the United States. That abundant, right-at-home supply makes propane a reliable fuel choice for your North Carolina home or business, […]